Meet The team

Clemy Gilmore

Clemy is the founder of Restore CN which she set up in response to multiple requests for help and support by church leaders, trustees, counsellors and doctors. Clemy’s professional background is in Counselling, Counselling Supervision and Training as well as church leadership.

Over the years, she has enabled and facilitated the setting up of four successful counselling centres using the Restore model and continues to support and enable many existing centres to develop and thrive. The Restore organisational model, developed by Clemy, is focused on relationships. She says: “I passionately believe that our relationships should not come under pressure because of the task, but rather that the task is enabled and becomes fruitful because of strong healthy relationships.” She has also developed a working model for the relationship between the counselling centre management and trustees/church leaders which can often develop unhelpful tensions.

Mental Health is a growing and very current concern for our nation. Clemy’s vision for Restore CN is to be a resource for counsellors/mental health professionals, charitable organisations and faith groups in any context, that want to provide and sustain affordable counselling in their local communities. This can be either setting up a counselling provision or support for any existing counselling provision.

Restore Counselling Network is an Affiliate Member of the Association of Christian Counsellors.


Emily Watson

Emily joined Restore CN in February 2020 as full partner. We are delighted with this new partnership and look forward to all that Emily brings to the team. We hope to reach a wider audience with her networking and communication skills, as well as her passion for empowering people struggling with poor mental health.

Emily comes to Restore CN with a background in psychology, dance fitness, and mental health and wellbeing.  She received a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, and went on to study for her Masters in Forensic Psychology, specifically interested in the mental health and wellbeing of offenders and the reasons for their offending behaviour.

Emily was compelled to follow the mental health field further after having a child and experiencing postnatal depression herself. She has spent 10 years in the world of physical and mental health, creating her own health and wellbeing company and refining a class focussed on improving the mental health of women (primarily but not exclusively). She has run wellbeing events, spoken at conferences, and is passionate about empowering others to find new and expressive ways to explore their confidence and wellbeing.

Marie Delaney

Marie Delaney joined Restore CN April 2020 as Research Assistant. She is an experienced counsellor with her own private practice. She is passionate about helping people realise their full potential and is excited to be part of our vision. We are delighted to have Marie on board and look forward to working together towards better mental health provisions in the UK.

Our Story

In 2011, three years after having set up Caterham Counselling Centre, Clemy was invited to attend a forum for doctors and local support charities. This was organised by the Surrey Volunteer Association to help alleviate some of the pressures that doctors surgeries were under to provide longer term patient support. The aim was to introduce and connect the doctors to the agencies that were in the community offering the extra support to patients. At the meeting it was noticed that mental health services were hugely underrepresented.

Following this, and in response to requests from various professionals both in the medical field and counselling sector, Clemy set up ‘Restore Counselling Network’ with the aim of assisting professionals and not-for-profit groups such as churches, to set up counselling centres in their communities.  She went on to enable the setting up of a further three counselling services in the area and has continued to offer her support to encourage sustainable practice. Restore Counselling Network has grown to now include consultancy for existing counselling services and a substantial network of counselling service managers that meet regularly for peer support and encouragement.

As the demand for mental health services continues to increase, especially at this time of national crisis caused by the corona virus, Clemy has taken the important decision to upscale what Restore CN offers. In view of this, the Restore team has grown to include new partner Emily Watson, Research Assistant Marie Delaney, and Mental Health Advisor Sue Christie.